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 “Addressing the needs of the whole child”

Mission: Melcher Elementary strives daily to create a safe learning environment that meets the needs of the total child. Continuous academic growth will be enhanced by a rigorous child-centered curriculum with additional emphasis placed on social, physical, and emotional health.

Vision: The vision of Melcher’s wellness plan is to promote a positive change for students and their families in nutrition, physical exercise and social-emotional wellness to enhance intellectual growth. George Melcher Elementary School’s theme is a nine component model created to address the emotional and physical needs of everyone in the school setting: students, teachers and administrators - and to also reach out to the parents and the community. 

The school’s academic design incorporates the students’ health and emotional needs (glasses, dental checks, mini-physicals, anger management/conflict resolution meetings, mental health resources, etc.) The inclusion of these services into the academic culture will ensure that students have myriad of opportunities to become successful achievers, which will lead them to become successful in high school, college, and future careers.

Rationale: The plan to develop and implement Melcher’s Health and Wellness Program is to provide services necessary to create a healthy learning climate. Whereas education is the primary mission of schools, there is substantial evidence that shows addressing children's health and mental health needs increases their academic achievement and competence; decreases incidences of problem behaviors; improves their relationships with others, and creates positive changes in school and classroom environments (Elias, 2006; Greenberg et. al., 2004; President's New Freedom Commission, 2003). Given these benefits, adding mini health services can be crucial to ensuring students’ overall success.

Community and Parent involvement: Melcher Elementary currently has support from numerous parents, surrounding churches within the community, nearby neighborhood associations, and other community groups/businesses in adding a Health & Wellness theme to the school. The ultimate goal is to introduce the theme to all stakeholders during the 2016/2017 school year.

Melcher Elementary will continue to target the enrollment of all students currently within its boundaries including countless students who currently attend charter schools in the Kansas City area.

Professional learning communities will continue throughout the school. Each teacher will maintain a classroom community, where they will greet every day with a short morning meeting with their students. Teachers will also encourage parents and other necessary staff into the morning meetings. 

Parents will be invited to monthly morning school meetings where they will have the opportunity to eat a light breakfast with their child, their child’s teacher and invited community members/volunteers. These meetings will aid in promoting a continuous healthy relationship among the educators, students, and parents.

Grades 3-6 will departmentalize to allow students to change teachers for Math, ELA/Reading Writing and Science and these teachers will meet weekly for grade level meetings and departmental meetings. 

Lesson plans will be turned in weekly by all teachers and placed on the school’s website for parents, teachers, support staff, LINC, and community volunteers to help students with their current workload.

Teachers: There is a diverse group of highly qualified teachers who have the ability to carry out the school’s mission and vision, as well as the health and wellness goals. The school will maintain para-professionals and community volunteers who understand the school’s mission and vision.  All staff will be provided on-going professional development to enhance teacher and staff retention which will aid in student success. All incoming teachers will also receive a mentor from the school who have previously experienced working with Melcher students and families and with the surrounding community volunteers.

Teachers will continue to teach the district curriculum, but will incorporate one wellness theme per week into their weekly lesson plan. **The primary goal for all students remains academic achievement and a safe environment.

 Health & Wellness

A Health & Wellness lesson will be incorporated weekly into the lesson plan.

The counselor consistently facilitates Multi-tiered support meetings with the teachers and parents for students concerning academic and/or social-emotional needs.

Exercise and nutrition classes occur for parents and the community twice per week and parents as well as the community will be offered many additional opportunities to participate in health-related school activities. This will promote parent involvement in modeling the healthy habits we hope to instill within our students.

Students will have the opportunity to become involved in dance classes, poetry classes, athletic teams, boy scouts, girl scouts, chess team, robotics and other after school activities throughout the year.

The community gardener will visit each class once per month to allow the students to help in the school’s garden, to gather the food from the garden and to teach nutrition. Cooking demonstrations utilizing the nutritious food from the school’s garden will be held twice per year.

Hope Dental and Delta Dental have partnered with Melcher Elementary to examine and to repair student’s dental problems.

Eye Exams and Mini Physicals are given to every students once per year. Glasses are donated by various partners for the students.

The primary goal of incorporating a Health and Wellness Theme within Melcher Elementary School is to increase student achievement within Melcher Elementary School. By including nutritional, physical and sociological education within the existing curricular and co-curricular activities, Melcher teachers, staff and community volunteers may also aid in strengthening the learning habits of the students as well as aid in fostering lifelong habits of healthy living.


Melcher Elementary School will create, strengthen or work within the existing school health programs to develop, implement and monitor as necessary all existing nutritional and physical activity policies. Parents and community partners are welcome to assist in all aspects of the health and wellness theme.


Components of the Plan: Melcher’s Health & Wellness theme will continuously promote high student achievement through rigorous academic instruction while incorporating a strong discipline plan as well as nutritional, social-emotional, mental health and fitness strategies. The daily academic focus will also include a focus on physical activities, health, gardening, nutrition and character education.

The components of the plan include the following: Physical Activity; Health Education; Health Services for students; Counseling for students, Social Services; Healthy School Environment; Staff Involvement;

students of melcher in the melcher library